Building service led HR

  • We enable you and your leaders to deliver best in class HR service through systems thinking methodology
  • By designing the service so it meets needs precisely you increase the value of the HR contribution and lower its costs.
  • We guide you and your HR team to use the method so you see for yourselves where and how to take action
  • Those involved learn how to use the systems thinking method to analyse empirically the service that the HR function delivers
  • This involves the team finding out what really matters to your service users, studying the tasks, and working out the causes of wasted work
  • The team designs the ideal way of working to deliver exactly what is needed. Once the revised ways of working are in place we make sure the changes are sustainable. This may involve changes to the structure, leadership style, and culture
  • The team are left with the skills needed to ensure improvements continue to be made well into the future

Designing your HR function to deliver outstanding service and value for money

How long does this take?

The process is swift - it takes a matter of 4-12 weeks to design and deliver a complete solution. The duration of the course depends on the issues of scale, complexity and availability of your internal teams. The intervention is complete only when the changes are embedded and delivering a measurable step change in service performance.

Does this mainly apply to a HR service centre?

In a high volume processing centre the results are dramatic and quick. Our case studies show a minimum of 30% improvement in performance and cost of running HR shared service centres. However this method can be used to to solve any issue where there is an opportunity for improvement

Is it possible to apply systems thinking to the People Strategy?

Yes- the method can be used to create or increase the value derived from the People Strategy. We work with you to evaluate each core process from talent, recruitment, training, and development through to performance management. We look at the purpose, the value created, and the operational delivery from the service user’s point of view.

Where do I start?

The initial step is to undertake an ‘insight review’. We scope the function with you and your leaders to understand what you want to achieve and where problems exist. From this we are able to advise you on the best place to start and how to design the change intervention.

How does it work?

Typically, an improvement team is established made up of staff who represent each key area identified in the insight review. This team works through the 4 phases (Diagnose, Design, Deploy, and Develop), always working from the perspective of the service user.


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