A bespoke and collaborative approach

Our approach to Systems Thinking provides leaders with a route map to support systematic transformation.

The 4D Transformation Model

  • Diagnose
  • Operational Analysis
  • Opportunity Quantified
  • Design
  • Create a ‘Test’ Operating Model
  • Operating Practices, Metrics and Job Roles
  • Deploy
  • Deployment Plan
  • Leadership Support Structure Built
  • Develop
  • People Requirements
  • Organisational Support Mechanisms Built

Key Steps of the 4D Model

  • Diagnostic

    Effective change starts with 'understanding'

    In the diagnostic phase Quo-Change supports organisations in systematically understanding the following:

    • How service works from a customer point of view
    • What the inputs into the system are, identifying service failure and its causes
    • What throughputs are in the system, identifying the customer pathways and how these impact on service delivery and operational capacity
    • What the key outputs of the system are, identifying how well these meet the requirements of both the customer and the organisation
    • Identification of the root causes of the above, to help drive improvement
    • The financial impact of service failure and waste, highlighting the opportunity for improvement

  • Design

    Proving 'what works'

    In the design phase Quo-Change supports organisations in the building of a 'test' operating model to ready for deployment:

    • Design the test operating model from a customer point of view, ensuring the business needs of the organisation are met
    • Identify ‘what goods look like’ to ensure the organisation is clear on what effective service delivery looks like
    • Build a test operating model, including detailed work flow, tasks, technical requirements and support aids
    • Build a measures dashboard to track adherence and improvement
    • Develop leadership capability to support the test and in the next phase, its deployment

  • Deploy

    From test to delivery…

    In the deploy phase Quo-Change supports organisations in the building of a operating model and roll out plan:

    • The new operating model is built with defined work flows and working practices
    • Front line and management roles are built with key deliverables embedded
    • The measures dashboard is hardcoded for use by the organisation in both managing and improving service
    • Training and development materials are built to support the role out across both the front line and management roles
    • A detailed benefits realisation and/or ROI tracker is designed to track service, capacity and financial improvement

  • Develop

    Supporting sustainability

    In the develop phase Quo-Change HR experts can support the organisation to ensure the change is embedded culturally with key support mechanisms:

    • Design the ‘people requirements’ to ensure these are aligned with the systems thinking operating model.
    • Support any organisational restructure outlining the implications for cultural sustainability.
    • Support the building of people/organisational support mechanisms such as learning and development, reward and performance management


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