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Every member of the Quo-Change team brings with them a wealth of experience and expertise from a wide range of industries, as you can read below. Having all worked within organisations to drive change, we understand the needs of leaders and we know what works. Collectively we have spent 30 years looking at organisation design and employee engagement. We have never seen any other approach that makes such a profound transformation in such a short space of time, or that truly empowers people to make change for themselves.

The Quo-Change approach was collaborative and led to end to end improvement with clients and suppliersIan Muress, International CEO

Managing Partners

Karl Bollard

I have worked in a senior operational leadership role with First Direct bank, whilst in this role I faced many of the organisational issues that leaders typically find. It was in First Direct that I first utilised Systems Thinking and experienced first hand the profound impact it can have on customer service and organisational performance.

I also held the role of International Customer Service Director for a global claims management organisation. In this role I had responsibility for the deployment of systems thinking across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America, working with large-scale insurance clients.

Alongside these internal roles I have spent 15 years working with senior leaders to help them realise the benefits of deploying Systems Thinking within their own organisations. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK and Internationally across the private and public sectors.

The above experience enables myself to both understand the typical issues that leaders face and to help design transformations that can help their organisations overcome these.

I am passionate about ensuring that our approach to Systems Thinking is both bespoke and pragmatic to a leader’s requirements based on the issues they and their organisation face.

If you would like to talk about the Quo-Change approach, you can contact me on…

M: 07912 847918
E: karl@quo-change.com

Nick Wood

I have worked in senior operational and change roles within the Financial Services sector. It is within these roles that I first started to practically apply Systems Thinking, with profound benefits for the organisations I worked for. This experience also gave myself first hand experience of the types of issues leaders face when undergoing significant change and how to overcome them.

After these internal roles, I have spent the last 15 years working alongside senior leaders within the UK and Internationally to help them apply systems thinking to their own organisations. I have worked across a diverse number of industries including financial services, utilities, government service contractors, shared services and the public sector.

Working in such diverse industries has led to the development of a practical and bespoke approach to the application of systems thinking. The Quo-Change approach can help leaders and their organisations to realise significant benefits in a short period of time.

If you would like to talk about the Quo-Change approach, you can contact me on…

M: 07789 650760
E: nick@quo-change.com

Allison Sheard

As an experienced HR lead I have worked across a variety of sectors including, engineering, distribution, retail and financial services. It was whilst working at Aviva that I was first introduced to the concept of Systems Thinking and could see the profound impact it had on performance and employee engagement. Understanding ‘purpose’ as a driver for service design and the need to focus on outcomes rather than task, changed my outlook forever.

For the past six years I have worked in organisations that have introduced Systems Thinking and my particular interest is in enabling organisations to maximise the benefits. Often traditional performance management processes and leadership focus have unintended consequences that can stifle innovation. Systems Thinking can transform culture and capability faster than any other traditional approach and HR has a role to play in enabling this speedy transformation.

My special interest is in helping to develop new HR strategies to support Systems Thinking and also in improving the user focus of HR service centres.

M: 07557 194267
E: allison@quo-change.com


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