The system of Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the way in which organisations manage their business. It needs to address the interests of various stakeholders from shareholders to regulators, from employees to customers.

Very few organisations consider the true cost of their corporate governance and the return on that investment. Using systems thinking expertise combined with the deep board-level experience of our associates, we are able to offer this unique service to understand and improve the value of your corporate governance as a total system.

Evidence tells us that boards are focussed on risk and compliance but are insufficiently focussed on customer and service. Risk, compliance, and cost ratios dominate agendas versus customer, value, and growth. We look at the value created by the corporate governance from the perspective of the customer initially and primarily.

Improving ‘return on investment’ in corporate governance

Through the 4D method we are able to ensure the return on investment in the Board is measured and improved. By analysing the content and outcomes of Board meetings and sub-committees according the real purpose of the organisation we are able to identify areas to focus on and improve. By analysing decision-making efficiency and time spent preparing for Board meetings, we work with you to make improvements, all of which can be tested and validated before full implementation.

Corporate Service audits

When the Board commissions a review of service then the impact on company performance will be significant and exponential. The service audit only takes a matter of weeks and will give a true and objective, empirical report on what is really being delivered. The systems thinking service audit uses systems thinking to understand whether what matters to the customer is truly being understood and delivered by the organisation. By ensuring this is delivered effectively, the system that governs the organisation dramatically improves, as do the results obtained. More customers are retained, growth increases, the cost of providing great service reduces, compliance improves and employee engagement booms.

Board Effectiveness

We are able support the development of the Board and executive teams. By bringing together systems thinking experts and individuals with deep experience of Board management, we are able to drive value for money.
    By ensuring efficient creation of board material as well as support:
  • board teams increase the value they bring to the organisation
  • executive teams improve their engagement with the Board
  • non-executives improve their ability to make a difference

Improving Executive team engagement with the Board

Executive teams are often bemused by the best way to engage with the Board. Instead of finding the Board to be a valuable source of information, advice, and wisdom, they often find that the Board is demanding, bureaucratic, obsessive and unsupportive. Too often Board meetings drive the cycle of the business instead of what really matters. Customer's interests are often too low down the priority list, or even invisible to the board.
    Our workshops support executive teams to:
  • engage more effectively with non-executives
  • understand the best approaches to governance and regulation
  • improve the processes to prepare for Board meetings

Non-executive effectiveness –having a bearing without being overbearing

Non-executives are often torn between getting too involved and being involved enough. When is the non-executive becoming too executive? When is the right time to step in? When does guidance become a steer and when does a steer become direction? This workshop gives non-executives an opportunity to learn and share with others, to bring real issues and to work through them in confidential and informed environment. By leveraging the experience of other successful non-executives, tactics and methods are explored which show how to have a bearing on the future of the organisation without becoming overbearing- how, in fact, to help the organisation be the best it can be.


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