We support businesses who want to offer unique and value-adding people processes designed to deliver what is really needed by the customer. Working with HR leaders we are able to design innovative people strategies to fulfil the business transformation.

We have used our version of Systems Thinking methodology to re-think HR service, designing people processes to release the true potential of the organisation. We formed Quo-change because after 30 years looking at organisational design and employee engagement, we have never seen any other approach that makes such a profound transformation in such a short space of time, or that truly empowers people to make change themselves.

In addition to the natural benefits of Systems Thinking, we offer a wide range of HR services. We work across all sectors and have extensive experience strategically and operationally. From transforming HR Service Centres to building high performance executive teams, our approach is to design according to customer needs to transform business results. Below, you can read more about how we drive change using HR.

Sustaining organisational transformation

By bringing together systems thinking with HR expertise we’re able to address organisation design alongside the core operating model.

We ground the transformation in service and cost by introducing a framework where performance management, training, talent development, recruitment and reward are all changed in line with the changes to the operating model.

This is reflected in the 4th D of our change model.

Additionally, we work with leaders to prioritise and communicate the changes, at a senior and operational level, such that engagement, culture and values all shift. This ensures that the transformation is lasting and self-sustaining.

Leadership Development — creating the conditions for growth

When a group of leaders develop the maturity to process their experience so they ‘amplify what is useful’ and overcome limiting beliefs, then they are creating the culture that enables growth.

We have worked with leading psychological researchers to design a programme that combines individual diagnostics with the impact of the system conditions. The outcome is a unique solution which addresses individual differences stemming from context and personality whilst connecting leaders to the opportunities of personal and business growth.

Service-led HR

We work with you to build service-centred HR at lowest possible cost. We use our Quo-Change methodology based on Systems Thinking to:

  • Transform the performance of shared services
  • Fix challenges with HR service - local or centralised
  • Design a new operating model
  • Build effective work flows between the line, local and central HR plus third parties
  • Redesign the people strategy to take an outside-in; end-user driven approach
  • Design communications that provide the information people need to do their jobs well

Learning & Development

Our learning interventions are each unique, designed to meet specific needs emerging from transformational change. The return on investment is high and measurable.

Learning is based on solving real problems. Through working on issues, new skills can be imitated and learnt whilst improvement is driven. The normative experience this creates helps increase the acceptance of change as well as embed the skill.

Each programme is unique, designed to meet thoroughly understood needs.

Learning organisation – we build learning capabilities so that the continual learning and improvement because a feature of the culture.

Here are some of the programmes we offer:

  • Leadership for systemic organisational transformation
  • Building a learning organisation
  • Systems thinking for the HR professional
  • Training needs analysis that works
  • Performance Management that improves performance

HR Resources & Tools

We support you to deliver results quickly in the way that is most helpful to you.

  • Providing staff resources
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • An end to end HR audit with due diligence rigour
  • Support with transactions: acquisition, integration or sale
  • Organisation restructuring
  • Change management
  • People strategies and policies
  • Training and development
  • A cultural scan and change plan
  • Learning organisation review and improvement plan
  • Employee relations and case management
  • Engagement improvement
  • Internal communications frameworks and delivery
  • Meditation and conflict resolution

Transforming the value of Corporate Governance

Using systems thinking expertise combined with the deep board-level experience of our associates, we are able to offer this unique service to understand and improve the value of your corporate governance as a total system.

This is achieved through:

  • corporate service audit
  • board effectiveness review
  • non executive impact programme
  • workshop for executives: optimising relationships with the Board


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