Examples of Our Work & Client Testimonials

Our focus is on how we can help leaders to transform their organisations from both a service and a commercial point of view.

Summary of benefits

  • Reduction in operating costs of 15% or more.
  • Increased customer satisfaction — Net Promoter Scores etc. improve dramatically.
  • Outstanding return on investment — often around 300%.
  • Highly motivated and engaged employees — absence rates and retention rates improve; engagement scores improve and greater professional development takes place spontaneously.
  • Strengthened brand reputation and growth — usually at least 30% capacity is released for cost-effective growth as increased customer value drives up market share.
  • Improved profitability impacts measures that shareholders watch closely such as EPS.
  • Enhanced relationships with regulators who focus on treating customers fairly.
  • Improved leadership capability — leaders systematically improve performance, working with their people to identify and solve issues.
  • Effective suppliers and partnerships — end-to-end service improves as collaboration along the supply chain releases synergies from less duplication, better hand-offs etc.
  • Innovation increases as the organisation becomes more able to experiment and attuned to recognising ‘what matters’ to its customers.
  • Enabling and sustaining culture ensures continuous improvement.


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