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Engagement Excellence Summit Downloadables - Quo-Change

Engagement Excellence Summit Downloadables

Allison Sheard, one of Quo-Change’s managing partners, spoke at the Engagement Excellence Summit this morning to discuss the role that Systems Thinking can play in improving engagement and increasing job satisfaction through better job design.

Systems Thinking is a method for delivering change which focuses on the provision of good service. This customer focused approach has a far-reaching impact on an organisation, reducing hidden costs, increasing efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction. However, one of the most significant effects of Systems Thinking is the way it transforms engagement for employees. The first-hand testimonies of individuals who have experienced change due to systems thinking are a powerful example of the effectiveness of this method.

In her talk, Allison discussed the origins of Systems Thinking right up to the development of Quo-Change’s 4D intervention model. She explained how the approach creates positive change within organisations. A PDF of the slides from her talk are available for download below.

Download the PDF

Systems Thinking was first developed into a practical framework by John Seddon, who created an approach called the ‘Vanguard Method’. Quo-Change managing partner Karl Bollard worked with John Seddon, using this approach. After working independently for the last 5 years, Karl formed Quo-Change consulting to develop this method. He created a quicker approach which is easier to teach and sustain. The result is the ‘4D’ self-sustaining intervention model that Quo-Change use today.

According to Allison, this model is unparalleled in it’s ability to create profound transformation quickly, and to empower leaders and employees to drive change for themselves. To find out more about what Quo-Change could do for engagement in your organisation, get in touch with Allison or another member of the Quo-Change team.


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