Our leaders ability to drive improvement was transformed. We stopped losing clients and started winning new contracts, becoming market leader in the process. 

Quo-Change have helped me set up a global HR function that really adds value to our business. Their emphasis is consistently on understanding what matters to the business.Sandra Ferrari, HR Director, Big Bus Tours

The Quo-Change Approach

Quo-Change have developed a 4D transformation model, to help leaders transform their operating models, using Systems Thinking principles and practices.

We work collaboratively with leaders in the design and delivery of the transformation, ensuring it is bespoke to the culture of their organisation.

This collaborative approach leads to rapid and sustainable improvements in performance.

Characteristics of Systems Thinking

Practices & Principles:
  • How well does service work from a customer point of view
  • What are the levels of service failure and waste
  • Identification of the key drivers of performance
  • What are the financial implications of the above
Cultural & Sustainable Change
  • Leaders leading the change
  • Improvements made in collaboration with key stakeholders
  • Design of a robust operating model with accompanying roles
  • Measures in place to drive understanding and improvement
Organisational Optimisation
  • Reduction in waste leading to capacity release
  • Increasing operational productivity
  • A sustainable platform for growth

Typical benefits of Systems Thinking

  • Improved customer satisfaction scores
  • Reduction in service failure that impacts customers
  • Reduction in journey times
  • Typical ROI of 400%
  • Capacity release of between 20-40%
  • Above leading to either cost reduction or growth at reduced operating cost
  • Improved staff and management morale
  • Embedment of a continuous improvement methodology
  • Improved leadership capability
  • Improved collaboration between key stakeholders both within and outside the organisation
  • Basis for improved relationships with clients, leading to end-end improvement and innovation.


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