Most change programmes don’t work over the long term. The results using Quo change were phenomenal and rapid and just keep on giving. 

The client system…

UK based, centralised HR advisory hub within a large-scale complex organisation.

Their role is to deliver expert driven support to leaders across diverse services in a timely manner. Ensuring both the employee and organisation are protected, in line with company policy and legal frameworks.

Key client requirements

  • Improve the service offered to leaders, by ensuring advice is timely, accurate and actionable.
  • Reduce any unnecessary activity in order to optimize the productivity of the system
  • Engage with the frontline and leaders to ensure they have a method for continuous improvement
  • Provide a platform for service development, to add further value to the HR proposition

What changed?

A radical overhaul of the operating model with the instilling of a new service approach and metrics. This led to a simplified design with advisors focused on outcomes in customer terms…

  • Immediate response to customers to assess requirements
  • Where possible resolve 1st time, if not build an action plan with dates and responsibilities.
  • Progress according to requirements and timings agreed
  • If required get instant support from senior leaders to deal with any issues e.g. unresponsive customers/risks to the business


What was the outcome?

A transformation in performance…

  • 100% of customer demand serviced same day
  • 40% of queries fully resolved within 3 days
  • Case times reduced from an average of 100+ days to less than 10 days
  • Case load reduced from 2500 to less than 350
  • Capacity release of 40%
  • Leadership capability increased to apply systems thinking in other parts of their organisation
  • A ROI of 500%


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