Transforming customer retention and profitability in UK claims 

This approach is allowing us to drive down settlement times, costs, and work that adds little value while driving up valuable activity, employee satisfaction and, above all else, customer satisfaction. That in turn is enabling us to win new business. 

Our leaders ability to drive improvement was transformed. We stopped losing clients and started winning new contracts, becoming market leader in the process. 

The client system…

International claims management solutions organisation, serving large-scale insurance clients in the UK.

Their role is to deliver expert based solutions across the end to end customer journey, protect client indemnity spend, whilst remaining profitable.

Key client requirements

  • Improve the service offered to clients, by improving the claims journey for their customers and delivery of ‘what matters’
  • Reduce customer claims journey times
  • Reduce any unnecessary activity in order to optimise the productivity of the system
  • Engage with the frontline and leaders to ensure they have a method for continuous improvement
  • Provide a platform for service differentiation in a highly competitive market

What changed?

The claims service was redesigned to ensure expertise and decision-making was in the right place at the right time…

  • At first notification of loss, deal instantly with any immediate customer needs
  • Set-up loss adjuster visit at a time convenient to the customer and where applicable with any required suppliers
  • Settle on first visit (cash) or ensure a claims ‘flight plan’ is set up with the customer and suppliers detailing key next steps, timings and responsibilities


What was the outcome?

A transformation in performance…

  • 25% increase in first visit settlements
  • 40% reduction in settlement times
  • 70% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in employee satisfaction results
  • Crucial contracts retained and won, leading to divisional profitability


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